Quotes From Claire


"Most people would take this as bad news, but for some reason, I have this good feeling that God is working... I feel confident that God has already started work in this situation, and I'm looking forward to seeing what good He can bring out of it."

"Prayers, prayers, prayers, that's what we need more of."

"God is so awesome and amazing!  I have been super busy and worn out since I got back, but I'm enjoying the curriculum I'm getting to create and teach to my kids, so that's going well.  I do love my job, even if it frustrates me some days."

"God will let you know what you need to do."

"I love you, and I'm praying for you!"

"I do love you heaps and heaps."

"I miss you tons, but am so thankful to have such precious friendships that I cherish so much."

"I know God's working somehow, someway, I pray that I too can see it."

"God really has made something incredible out of our friendship, and for that I am extremely thankful."

From a birthday card:  "May this next year in your life be full of happiness, joy, blessings, love, and contentment.  I'm glad you were born, Dan!" [Back at ya, kid!]

"I have faith that all of you will make an A on this Test."

If you were in Ms. Reynolds class and didn't have a pencil (essential for math class) She would reply "That will be 50 cents, please."


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